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Stacked Stone

Exterior stacked stone veneer is promising to be one of the hottest trends for 2019, allowing homeowners to enjoy the old-world charm of a stone home without the time-consuming and expensive labor. Exterior stone veneer panels is a thin layer of stone, or a stone-like substance, used to decorate in place of whole stones.

If you love the nostalgic look of a stone home but don’t have a lot of time or money to spend, exterior stone veneer panels may be the best solution for your home. Distinct Building Supply mainly focuses on high quality and excellent services.

eldorado stone

Using Stacked Stone Veneer Outside

Exterior stacked stone cladding is popularly used outside homes, where it can improve a property’s exterior and increase its curb appeal. You might have seen homes with their outside walls covered in exterior stacked stone veneer.

If you have a more limited budget, you might use stacked stone cellars more sparingly to accent columns or pillars. You could also add a band of stone veneer around the bottom of your house to make your home appear larger.

Accent walls are more commonly associated with interiors, but some modern homemakers are taking the concept outdoors, using stacked stone cellars on a single section of a contemporary home improvement to draw attention to its styling.

Borders of stacked stone for fireplace can also be used to draw the eye to a feature, such as your front door or a large window. Exterior wall cladding is a stylish addition to outdoor living spaces. Consider this material for your outdoor kitchen or outdoor living spaces.

Many restaurants and other businesses utilize stacked stone columns in their patio areas. These walls can also enhance the appeal of your garden beds. Exterior stone brick makes a rustic alternative to tiles around any backyard swimming pool.While this is a very striking look, all that faux stone panels can be pricey. 

Using Stacked Stone Veneer Inside

Despite its name, stone cladding also works for interior jobs. This beautiful material adds warmth and charm to any indoor space.

You can use the faux stone to create a striking accent wall anywhere in your home. They’re especially popular in living rooms, dens, and anywhere families spend a lot of time together.

You might also like to add exterior stacked stone columns around room focal points like your bathtub, staircase, or fireplace.

Just remember to maintain a setback near your fireplace when using manufactured stone veneers for safety. Get all the building supplies and construction materials you need to complete your project from Distinct Building Supply.

Choosing the Right Exterior Stacked Stone Veneer

Your budget and personal tastes are likely to guide you toward natural or manufactured exterior stack stone backsplash. But once you’ve chosen the choice of veneer, your job isn’t done.

natural stacked stone ledger panels

Both natural and manufactured exterior stone veneer panels is available in a range of colors, although manufactured exterior stack stone backsplash is available in a greater variety of hues than a natural stone veneer.

Black and gray are conservative choices that appeal to homeowners with classic tastes. A limestone look is more daring. Don’t be afraid of its mottled aesthetic if you want to make a splash with your stacked stone wall tile.

One of the hottest remodeling trends of the year, faux stack stone panels combines the nostalgic charm of yesteryear with modern practicality.  Consider this revolutionary material when decorating the interior and exterior of your home.