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PUC is very close to the wood texture you find with most home building supplies, but designed to be stronger and last longer under any circumstance.  It's lightweight, cost-effective, and is eco-friendly.


When you decide on Distinct, you dare to innovate. Our PUC product is the framework for all our designs. We use it to produce crown moldings, balusters, rails, columns, keystones, arches, niches, wallpanels and much more. PUC has made our products Distinct, both in price and quality.


“Hold on, Innovating with what?”

PUC is what we call our designed material. It is a modified polymer, or a polyurethane, and is specifically designed to be more durable and adaptable than other simple materials. Because this modification is artificially introduced at the molecular level, PUC’s are distinct from all other polymers, plastics included

"Ok Einstein, thanks for the science lesson. But what I’m wondering is, how do these molecules look in real life?"

By appearance alone, PUC is identical to wood textures. Wood gives a classic look and feel, unfortunately we all know just how tricky it can be to work with. Cracking, rotting, splintering… wood is just so fragile. Now with PUC’s, because of their adaptable chemical makeup, none of these weaknesses occur. They are so flexible to work with, and comfortable in all temperatures. Durability and a strong foundation are what sets PUC’s apart from wood textures.

"So it replaces wood, is that all it can do…"

 Polyurethane’s are not stubborn; they adapt to whatever material they are mixed with. They are much more common than you think: sneakers, car seats, refrigerators, mattresses, you can’t live without them! Well now you won’t build without them either. I can tell you how light they are, or explain how flexible and resistant they can be, but you might have to feel our PUC material personally to really believe it yourself

"You got me thinking Einstein… can I see what you’re selling first before I do anything bold"

Of course! Here, come to our product’s page

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