Be Distinct

January 29, 2019

We have every design you need to make your home best suite you. Distinct Supply will help you to define what makes you unique. 

Unique individuals are always distinct.

You are the artist, We are the design. 
Follow your inspiration, and craft your own domain

Be recognized, but never familiar. To achieve a lasting impression, you must be distinct from all others. Your home is your own world, it belongs to you distinctly.  

Make it distinct; supply with Distinct

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2019 Market Trends for Contractors
2019 Market Trends for Contractors

May 21, 2019

Long Island homeowners are increasing investments in their homes. In fact, 65 percent of homeowners plan to make at least one home improvement in the next year – offering local Long Island contractors and re modelers opportunities to grow their business.  Distinct Building Supply works with Long Island contractors, re modelers, and home improvement companies by supplying them with polyurethane crown moldings, faux wall panels, balustrades, and more home improvement supplies.

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Polyurethane Building and Home Supplies
Polyurethane Building and Home Supplies

April 03, 2019

Polyurethane is a novel polymer product of the polymerization reaction, the polymer material having a specific technology.  Polyurethane is very close from the wood texture, temperature sensor, weight, processing performance, waterproof, imitation tide, no cracking, no formaldehyde and other for wood materials.  Polyurethane is lightweight, unbreakable advantages, but also can replace ceramic products in many areas, reducing energy consumption, save energy

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